Sunday List

… What’s the best part of life right now?

It’s been tougher to be positive this week. I’ve had my super-pms and take premalex (anti-depressants) and struggle with my mood. If it’s tough to feel happiness I try to think about what I’m grateful for instead. It’s a good habit when you’re feeling down. I’m grateful for a cozy weekend with the kids and Ida. We’ve always been there for each other through the years and through different phases of life. We’ve both had a tough time recently and it was nice to get some time behind closed walls, reflect and set new goals.

… Worst?
The PMS isn’t fun but I’ve learned to live with it. It’s 7-10 days of the month and they feel dark but I’ve learned to not give myself too much responsibility on these days and think rationally. Before I figured out how to manage it, everything felt terrible all the time. I know now that it’s because of the hormones so it becomes easier to manage. My mood is better after I changed my diet but some phases are still tough.

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EY regional final which we won!

… What are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to a fun with with two galas (It’ll be fun to wear beautiful dresses!). On Monday (tomorrow), I’m participating in the Guldbagge-gala with my best friend and then I’m having dinner. I was flying to Marbella on Tuesday for work but I decided to pull the brakes. There’s been a lot of social work. I have an interview with EY Entrepreneur of the Year on Thursday at the blue hall. Pingis and I have a chance to win the award for this year’s female superstars. Our American retailer is going to visit Sweden on Friday for a day full of meetings. On Friday Evening Pingis and I have a work dinner at hoe with Conde Nast who will bevisiting from London.

A very exciting and important evening.


Life with a chef 😍

…What feels scary?

Gala on Thursday! I’m crossing all my fingers that Pingis and I will win!

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At Supper in Åre

…What have you been eating this week?

I was in Åre this week and had dinner at Supper with the whole gang. It was divine. My favourite was the cauliflower tacos. I usually eat clean food but I ate a lot of sweet potato fries, chilli mayo and meringues. I can tell immediately that my body doesn’t like a lot of sugar and fat but it was delicious in the moment. I notice how much I appreciate my healthy lifestyle because I become unbalanced when my diet changes.


Italian alps last year!

… Best way to relax?

Spending time in Åre and Umeå has been good for relaxation. There’s something special about the mix of snow and a warm fireplace. That kind of relaxation beats a swimmingpool in the sunshine. I can’t wait until the next trip to the alps. I’d love to visit Gstaad again, Verbier or Cervinia before the season is over. I want to spend time with my friend sin a chalet and eat delicious cheeses Last year I visite Cervinia with Sheila, Pingis and David. It was wonderful.

…This week’s best routine?
I’ve been meditating for fifteen minutes each evening. I love it! It’s so awesome to notice your progress! I used to find it difficult to take 20 breaths without losing focus. After that, five minutes became another challenges. Now, fifteen minutes fly by. During the last minutes, I always manage to get in touch with my intuition. It helps me navigate. Creating space for myself is the best investment I’ve made. I highly recommend meditation for everybody. Download Headspace!

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Planning ahead of the Australia launch.

… What goals do you have at the moment?

Receiving an award on Thursday of course! And launching Löwengrip in Australia. It feels surreal. Privately, I’m aiming for a me-day on Saturday. It’s another child-free weekend. I’m going to exercise, buy a delicious lunch to take home, have a bath, read and walk around in my pyjamas until it’s time to meet my friends for dinner. I can’t wait!

  1. Myriam skriver:

    Hi Isabella,

    I hope that you are great.

    I read you blog every now an then (for many years however) and really like the positive inspiration that you share with your personnality.

    I wanted to share a little tip for PMS hormonal trouble that may or may not be helpful for you but it has helped me so much and maybe it could help you too: It is to eat one raw carrot per day. It is very simple however there are nutrient and very specific fibre in a raw carrot that drag away excess hormones from the body. It completely removed my period cramps after a month of doing it and as a bonus, it gives a nice tint to the skin.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you so much if you read this! I know you are super busy being an amazing woman!


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