Gym and Expressen

Even though I love my job, I have been longing for Friday. I was out on a late work dinner last night, came home and crawled into bed with two warm children. They woke up happy this morning because we’re flying to Ida later today! But first preschool and work. I started my day at the gym with my personal trainer Pontus. Ever since all the chaos started in November I haven’t been able to lift my usual weights, but now I’m starting to get back at the same level as before. Today I lifted my own body weight, deadlifts at 62kg. It’s an incredible feeling to lift yourself.

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

I’ll be working from home today. The team is here. Apart from content creation, the newspaper Expressen will stop by for a longer interview. I want to address everything that has been written about me in media during this fall and winter so I invited them. There’s been a lot of rumors and unclarities so I think this will be good.

Later today we’ll be flying north. I’m looking forward to a weekend with Ida. Peace and quiet.

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