Vaccine shot and stalker interrogation

Thursday morning. I woke up with the same PMS blues as yesterday. When I struggle to get up in the morning I usually go on autopilot. My experience tells me that after a shower, breakfast, and my first office meeting, I will feel better. And if not, that’s fine, I just have to keep on working and not overthink it. I try telling myself that the depression is good for me too because during these days I’m not running in the same tempo.

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After breakfast we went to the doctor for a routine check up. Needles are a bit scary (for both of us…), but besides that everything went well. When it was time for Gillis to pick a tattoo at the end he said; “Can I get one for my sister as well?”. He’s always looking out for Sally. Lovisa was with Sally in the waiting room. We said goodbye to Lovisa, I dropped the kids off and went to work. Today I have office meetings all day and we’re also gonna walk through the Australia launch.

By the way, I have noticed a lot of you asking about the man that was arrested last week. Expressen posted an article today about the story with the man’s own words, so creepy.

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