Office Day

Life is full of contrasts.
Building companies in the USA, kickstart 2019 with all colleagues in Åre and then back to daily life at the office and then nursery pick up at 4PM.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. There’s a shoebrand on the shelf that I started a few years ago (I’ve sold my share), a brand for hair products is launched soon. I have products on my desk from a beauty brand with a turnaround of 48 million kronor in 2018. The goal for 2019 is 120 million.

I’m facing a lot of challenges all the time. Big and small, private and work. Right now, I’m pausing everything to enjoy being present with the kids. They make me feel calm. They’ve just fallen asleep so I’m going to have a bath and leave. I’ve begun meditating again which I look forward to every day. I used to use an app but now I take 15 minutes each day to just breathe. Those 15 minutes are the best personal investment.

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