The Löwengrip House & Beetroots

Lovisa and Ida ordered clothes for the kids today so Sally was ecstatic when she opened the H&M parcel and went nuts.

It resulted in a fashion show and that she refused to take off the bikini.

Ida and Lovisa work in the house, if you want to follow what happens when I’m not at home then check out instagram-kontot. Det är lika roligt för min egen del att se instastoryn!

Dinner! Sally had her favourite meatballs with mash potatoes. Gillis stayed an extra day with Odd. Below is the recipe for beetroot patties by Matilda.

2 people

3-4 medium sized beetroots
1 yellow onion
2 egg
1 teaspoon chia seeds
3dl oats
1/2 pot fresh herbs likle basil or parsley
2 table spoons salt and pepper

Peel and grate the beereoots. Presse as much juice as you can. Chop onion and herbs. Fry onion until soft. Mix ingredients except the oil. Shape for patties and fry in the olive oil in medium high heat.

…frozen mango for desert! Im going to have cuddles with the kids now! Sally and I are going to have a bath and watch a movie in bed. I’m going to fall asleep her time and skip evening work! Hugs!

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