Conference at Copperhill

…Being here in Åre is so cozy!
I arrived at Copperhill (everyone is staying here, we’re covering a whole floor hehe) around half past five. I changed and then I was driven to Restaurant Krus in the village, where I was meeting Pingis. We had 1.5 meeting before our co-owners in Nordic Tech House arrived. We talked about work for an hour and then we had an evening filled with laughter. I was in bed by midnight but saw on Instastory that many of my colleagues had a night out in Åre – how fun! I used to get stressed when I thought I had to stay out late with all employees but then someone told me that ”in most companies, the employees want the manager to leave early. That’s when the night starts.” I’ve taken that on board which is nice.

Coppperhill is so cozy!

We had dinner at Krus, it’s runner up to Sweden’d best restauran: Fäviken.

Pingus, myself and Linus. My dress is from Ellos and is one of my favourites. I lived in when I visited the USA last week.

Patrik and Viktor. David is Pingis fiancé

Morning meeting today at Holiday Club.

…and then back to the hotel for a spa treatment. I love the Copperhill spa. If you visit in the morning everything is really quiet. I usually stay away when the ski hills close becausw that’s when everyone comes here.

I met a few Löwengrips after my treatment (we have our own spa section). I always see new faces each conference, it’s awesome to see how we grow.

I have a lot of content work from 1PM. Before then everyone can do what they like, spa or skiing. Everyone is gathering for dinner tonight. I can’t wait 🙂

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