Sunday list

….What’s the best part about life right now?

That I feel harmonious and that my life (despite everything) feels cozy and contains everything I need in life. I have time to rest, be creative, I have time for my job, being a mom and I have energy for friends. It’s not often daily life feels so complete. I always visualise how I reach a new level on the career ladder and ahead of each jump, something always feels a bit uncertain and difficult (there’s not a textbook to follow). Right now, I’m on a plateau where a lot is settled and I’m in a routine so I can enjoy things here and then it’s time to hit the gas.

… Worst?

The worst is definitely reaching a new stalker level. I’ve never experienced someone actually buying a flight so they can wait for me at home. But I’m trying to look on the bright side the new security team is being tested and our routines work.

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This morning’s exercise!

… What are you looking forward to?

Åre! As I’m writing this I’m on my way to the airport to fly there. Two companies from our company group are having a conference here (starting tomorrow but those who wanted got to travel up ahead of the time) – and the co-owners of NTH will be there so there’s going to be a lot of strategy talk. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, being able to have a conference in the calendar that I haven’t organised myself but that I’m attending as a guest is so awesome. I’m a tiny dot in on the agenda for the whole day. Huge!

Something else I’m looking forward to this week is going to Umeå with the kids and visit Ida. It’ll be cozy!

What feels scary?

Last Sunday I wrote that I felt NYC seemed scary but leaving my comfort zone makes me feel good.  When I look back at the week I’m proud of how well everything went. I handled the interviews in English and we signed a contract with the company I wanted Löwengrip to work with! yay! I grew as a person during the trip and I can tell how that gives me inspiration to more challenges. So what feels scary (good) this week ahead? My biggest fear is that I want everyone to leave the conference in Åre and feel appreciated. There are over 20 people now and that sometimes makes you lose a connection to the new employees. Everyone has a manager and I only meet them at board meetings. That means there’s always a bit of a distance and during a conference it’s important that everyone knows that we see everyone.

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… What would you rather eat?

I’ve eaten a lot of delicious oysters in NYC? If you’re visiting and go to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, I suggest a visit to Maison Premiere. Yesterday I had a cozy evening with raw food deserts from Reload. I went all the way into city centre to get them. This week, Matilda has prepared this menu. The kids will be here on Tuesday.

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 Dream purchase?

I’ve bought a lot of Ralph Lauren in NYC, but the spring collection was completely wonderful and a lot of clothes got to come home with me. I’ll show you everything later…I also want a new car. I’m going to try a new BMW this week, I’m looking forward to that.

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…What’s different this week?

That I found a spiritual coach in NYC! The idea is to meet whenever I’m there. How fun!

… What are your goals?

Picking up the kids on Friday after work, go to Arlanda and fly to visit Ida and have cuddles with her baby. Sally is also excited!

… This week’s insight?

That despite my 350 square meters, there wouldn’t be enough space for a man at home. That’s actually a fun thought. Every room is filled up and there’s no more space for shoes, clothes or products. 🙂


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