Natural Cycles in the USA

In Collaboration with Natural Cycles

As you read in my goals for 2019, ”health first” is at the top of the list. Exercise is being prioritised in the calendar, two sessions per week with my PT Pontus. Knowing my body goes hand in hand with my exercise and knowing what I need. I get a lot of help from Natural Cycles which tells me where in my cycle I am. I have the most energy when I’m close to ovulation. When it’s time for PMS, everything feels heavier. I need more sleep and my exercise routine changes slightly.

There’s a lot of focus on the USA for Natural Cycles right now. They’ve opened a new office in NYC, I’m going to try and visit them when I’m there. That’s very exciting!

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But there’s a lot of exciting things happened at home too. Natural Cycles is available for purchase in pharmacies around the country, Aptoeket AB, Kronans Apotek and Apotek Hjärtat. It’s also available online with Sweden’s largest online pharmacy – Apotea. Right now, they have a TV campaign which you might have seen, but other than that they have an offer, 25% off Natural Cycles’ Self-Test. You can use the ovulation tests as a way to prevent pregnancy, they can help you get more green days but can also be used to plan a pregnancy. You can find the campaign here!

In collaboration with Natural Cycles 

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