My Childfree Saturday

Sometimes my energy levels are a miracle, I don’t know where they come from but it’s my strength. Last night I only slept four hours after yesterday’s events. I got up at 8, had breakfast and answered a few emails, then I updated you guys and after that I was at Lyko Concept Skin for a face treatment.

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Walking into the shop at Birger Jarlsgatan was so cozy, it’s a a pretty busy street with lots of traffic but I always feel safe with the staff because it’s so calm. As a public person and bad luck with a few crazy people, it’s become very clear where I feel at home and with which people I can relax and be myself around. Emma did a 1,5 face treatment for me, everything from cleaning my pores to eyebrow. Emma is so fantastic and it’s wonderful to have found the one.

I have my beauty team that I work with regularly. Other than Emelie who I see every day, I also have Emelie the hairdresser, Justina who does my nails every other week. Gaby does my spraytan every week and one a month I get my eyelashes fixed by Alicia. Everything happens at home. It sounds extreme but the majority of my work is being photographed, filmed or standing on stage. All morning are always content. It’s the priority and after that I deal with all the company meetings.

Anyway, I got caught up talking about work, I was going to tell you about my Saturday!

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After the treatment I did a one hour exercise session with Pontus at Sturebradet. Deadlifts were on today’s schedule. I warned Pontus that I’m lacking in sleep and that becomes clear with weightlifting. But I still managed the weights well.

Afterwards, I took the car and bought lunch and then went home for some quiet time and meditation. Then I got myself ready for dinner. I got back home quite early because I was looking forward to a Saturday evening by myself.

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The fire is lit, Sex and the City is on and raw food deserts in front of me. I was a bit nervous about the man the police arrested yesterday and thought I was going to be distracted by it. But because he flew in from France to come here (the downside to media expansion in several countries) and put up a lot of resistance when the police caught him, they’ve chose to detain him.

Oh my god, I can hear how I sound and how I’m getting used to it. It’s crazy how adaptable you are.

This post turned into something else entirely. My ideas was to tell you about how fantastic a childfree Saturday can be (even though I miss them). It has been fantastic. I’m really grateful to have both parts of my daily life, days with kids and my own days. I can’t think of a better combination. It’s like having two lives in one.


  1. Hej!

    Jag tycker eller tyckte om att läsa din blogg tidigare när det fanns både på engelska och svenska men numera skriver du bara på engelska, vilket känns lite tråkigt. Finns det någon möjlighet att du tar med svenska i din blogg så att det når fler läsare?


    1. Ankan skriver:

      Fast den finns ju på svenska

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