Sunday Evening

A little list:

…. What’s the best part about life right now?
That it’s a new year and time for new start. Even though there’s problems and turbulence from last year in January as well, I’m stronger and calmer. I came back strong after the break which felt nice. I’m mostly grateful for my wonderful team. I know I nag about it but I have the world’s best employees.

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… Worst?

Hmm. Worst is probably what I mentioned briefly yesterday. Despite having the team so I can put all focus on the kids and works there’s a lot of sad things behind the scenes. I regularly have the poice at home. Today when I was out with the kids we had a security guard outside the cafe. It’s a surreal life and sometimes it becomes to much for me. But as I wrote above. I’m much stronger now than before Christmas. I tell myself that I get these trials for a reason. Something good that needs a stronger version of myself ahead. That’s how life has been until now.

… What are you looking forward to?

Going away to NYC tomorrow. To be a bit anonymous. I’m also looking forward to the kickoff with the company group in Åre. It’ll be exciting to travel to Australia and launch Löwengrip, it feels surreal to have ”press-days” there (pinch me!). Then We have sales meetings in Shanghai again before I leave that part of the world, we are also going to visit Hermine Hold’s factory. I’m of course looking forward to launching HH in February.

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… What feels scary?
NYC feels a little scary. I’ve just thrown myself out there. I bounced the idea with Pingis in the Fall seaosn and said I’m going to live there regularly to make the establishing of Löwengrip easier. She is like me and said ”go for it if you feel like you have the energy to travel more than you already do.” There’s no textbooks to work with. But I love it when the gut flutters and the plan isn’t 100% yet.

… What do you prefer eating?

I’m crazy about healthy food. Lovisa who lives here probably thinks I’m a rabbit. I can eat cold cabbage form the fridge. It’s a bit of a luxury to have vegetable cravings and I’m convinced it’s the gut that wants it (you can hear the phase I’m in). But things I eat EVERY day is fresh berries. Wherever I am in the world I always have blueberries and raspberries in the morning with something else. Today I flicked through all green cook books on the shelf , took pictures and texted to Matilda the chef. I’m looking forward to my week with the kids when she’s back with us. I really feel like the skin gets a lovely shine when I drink lots of water and eat lots of fresh veg and get to sweat during exercise.

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… Your guilty pleasure?

Magazines and gossip…I used to be embarrassed when I always bought all gossip magazines at Seven Eleven but today I ready everything through Readly so I can be sneaky again.

… Dream purchase?

Hmm, I’m spoiled with having Sascha preparing my outfits every day all year around. I don’t have time to worry about purchases that much. When it comes to beauty I’m looking for new body oils all the time. nd I don’t think you can have too many tights from Lululemon. They days when I’m not dressed up (like today) I live in their yoga tights and knitted jumpers.

… Do you have any OCD behaviour?

I’ve understood from old boyfriends (and ex husband) that i can exaggerate my cleanliness. Always a toothbrush, plackers and wipes (leftovers from nappy-times with the kids but hey they’re good for everything) and my bag and I also shower in the morning and evening. I love starting my day with a shower and use creams and oils. And in the evening I love being clean and use oils before crawling into bed. I don’t think it’s a problem though. The amount of times I wash my hands is probably a bit extreme according to others but then the kids and I are rarely sick.

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… Best way to relax?

It varies but I love how calm the house makes me feel. Watching and hearing the fire place. And draw a bath and pour lots of oils in. I usually count 20 breaths when i take a micro pause, it’s more difficult than you think but makes a big difference.

…What goals do you have in your mind?
Lots. On average you have 60,000 thoughts per day and a lot of them are goals. It plays like a film. A film is an early summer in the house, exercising in the pool-house and then I can open it up and it’ll almost be like exercising outside. I can invite friends for lunch and let all kids play in the pool. Rent a house in St Trope for a month in the summer and also looking forward to having the kids there and having a single-summer (!). Winning the prize as EY Female Super Star of the Year with Pingis and lots of exciting meetings with people I want to meet. Networking with like minded individuals is what gives me the most energy.

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