Exciting Day in London

Intense but fantastic day in London, and because it’s nearly 9PM here and I have to be up at 04.45AM here are a few photos from my day.

Breakfast and getting ready at Arlanda before the flight. It was just Emelie and I flying today. Sascha was busy in Stockholm and Pingis, Simon and Charlotte were already in London.

You can find Löwengrip on all SAS flights today!

I was happy when I saw the sun…

…and in London the sky was blue which felt like spring. So wonderful!

Time for a meeting…

A family owned investment company that definitely has the same focus we do. Exciting!

I haven’t seen Pingis since before Christmas! She was glowing when she walked into the room, not so strange because she’s newly engaged to her beloved David. I started crying of joy when I found out during my time off. They’re so wonderful together. Our meeting went very well. 6 years and several conference rooms later it’s still fun doing this together

…then we split up. Pingis met a retailer with Simon and I met Charlotte who is our sales manager in Löwengrip Invest.

…always a smile on the lips ☺️

We met Netjets!

Dreams coming true… :- )

After the meeting we decided between going out or getting takeaway at the hotel. Because we spend so much time together during the day it felt okay to say goodbye early and have solo dinner. It’s really important for me to make sure everyone gets to do what they want.

I was looking forward to going to the hotel! We’re staying at the Franklin in Knightsbridge. My favourite part of London. I facetimed with the kids who were being tucked into my bed. They were happy but tired after a fun day with Lovisa and Ida. They’d made chocolate balls in the evening and Gillis saved one for me that was as big as my hand. How nice!

Bathrobe, dinner and last bit of evening work from bed. I’m going to sleep grateful over my work team and my work team. Thanks to the people around me who put their soul into everything I can work towards my career dreams and be a mom at the same time. I’ll be grateful for that my whole life.

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