Exercise 2019

…and we’re back, Pontus and I! We’ve been exercising together since May last year and I feel comfortable with him. Every person he exercise with have jobs that demand a lot of energy, their own business or is a CEO and you can tell because Pontus has a way of weaving in the mental aspect of exercise that I like. I started looking into exercising properly a year ago when I read Anders Hansén’s book Brain Strong, I needed a connection to get better at work to prioritise exercise. And Pontus works in a similar way, he knows I’ll never have lots of time to spare or prioritise exercise to be the most important thing. But he makes me realise how important it is with my weight lifting to get through the day’s challenges.

I appreciate that.

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Almost 20 of our 60 minutes (2 sessions per week) consists of movement. At the beginning I thought it was wasted time but today I love movement exercise. I can feel how my whole body is unbalanced if more than two days has passed without moving around. Today we talked about the exercise goals for 2019 and we decided that we’ll start the year softly and keeping the routines. I don’t want numbers to reach right now when there’s a lot of numbers in my work. I’ll have to keep the exercise without pressure, just to feel good and grounded to have enough energy to travel half the year and long days.

It feels perfect.

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