Good Morning Washington

It’s full on at home this morning! Ida, Lovisa, the kids, chef Matilda, make up artist Emelie, Simon, Sascha, Charlotte, film-team and a few electricians. We have a content day at home, what a lovely work-start. Nursery have such few kids in so the kids got to choose if they wanted to go there or stay with Lovisa and do something fun so they went to a playground. It works well to have them at home when we work but today we have a few moments of filming and we need some quiet. But they were excited about going to the playground and are happy!

And now for something completely different,

Löwengrip was mentioned in Good Morning Washington. So incredibly fun and unexpected to say the least! We’re start to get amazing PR on the other side of the atlantic. Here you can find the whole clip.



I’ll talk to you later today! Hugs!

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