Last Day Off

Last work free day! I’ve had time off since the Friday before Christmas. It’s actually been fantastic! I was so exhausted in so mamy way so the time odd was needed. I’ve probably been sleeping 10 hours per night on average. I’ve eaten a lot of good food, read loads of books, and had a lot of time with my close family and friends. I told my therapist that I was looking forward crying for two weeks but that’s not what happened. No tears so I was done grieving. I cried myself to sleep for a month and three days. After that it was like I woke up and felt like I’d finished. I had some tough moments but fewer and fewer. Christmas with Odd and the kids was cosy and the days after Christmas and then NYE was incredible in Switzerland. I didn’t think I’d have two amazing weeks off.

Suddenly I’m starting the year feeling happy, rested, single and ready for all the fun work ahead.

Here are some photos from the day. The kids were sleighing in the snow. So much fun. On the photo you can also see the pier I share with my neighbours (5 or six mooring spaces, can’t remember).

We played with the cae track…

Someone who was just as happy over a delivery as I was! You get to try many different things when you work with beauty. Yesterday I got some products from Tom Ford and today from Aerin and Estee Lauder. I fell in love with the perfume Santal Blush.

I went to exercise at four. I’m always at my best when I get to move around every day.

When I got home I had dinner with the kids and then a manicure and a pedicure here at home. We’re filming beauty content for Löwengrip tomorrow so I chose a nude shade. The lack I chose was Satin pyjamas.
I’ve got some evening work to do now. I’ve got manuscripts to rehearse. Hugs.

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