The Book Happy Foods and Back in Sweden

I had set my alarm for 7am this morning (I’ve barely been out of bed after 9am for the whole holiday), put on tights, a knitted jumper and winter shoes. I zipped my bag and had breakfast downstairs in front of the hotel fire. Espresso, two eggs and a bowl of fruit and berries. Afterwards the driver picked me up and then we drove for two hours to Geneve.

On the flight home, I listened to the book Happy Food. The apps Nextstory and Readly have been used a lot this holiday. Magazines and books every day, it’s a joy. It’s always a luxury when something is just a click away with an app. I normally buy physical magazines every week and books every month but this is better. I usually don’t listen to books but today I tried it. Happy Food has been really interesting to listen to, it’s about nutrition and psychology. How food affects your mood. Studies show that western food leads to a lot of inflammation and depression. I can highly recommend it, it’s very interesting.

vour books like the one above. It feels like the researcher find out more and more about our guts and all bacteria and what it does to our bodies. Fifty years ago you realised the connection between heart disease and food. Later, we’ve seen the connection between food and diabetes/cancer and now depression. Eating healthy food is cheaper than medicine and not being able to work so that’s good news. Of course you can’t help all depression,  just like people who have lived healthily also get heart diseases. A lot is in our genes.


Anyway, listening to it made me happy. I’ve just landed and now I’m waiting for my bag. When I get home Emelie is going to help me get ready for a dinner. Gillis and Sally will be here tomorrow morning, Odd is working two days. It’s so cosy to ”borrow” them for a while. Our chef has her first day tomorrow so I’ve invited Sheila and her kids for lunch. What a fun start to the year!


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