Days Mixed Together

I’m so focused on my Christmas Holidays. I can barely keep track of the days and I haven’t dressed properly at all. Friends and family are coming and going, very cosy. Dad and my siblings were over yesterday. Dad and I need some time alone though because we have a lot to talk about just us. Seven years of catching up. But it feels like normal.

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It feels unusual but lovely to say granddad. It was a challenge to say it loudly in front of the kids the first time but now it’s going well!

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I’ve been out with Sally today. Gillis wanted to build lego with Lovisa, it’s so nice that there’s two of us when the kids want different things. Sally and went for a long walk together, she mixed being in the pram and walking with me. It’s such a nice feeling to realise you have a lot to talk with your kids about. We talked about love and friendship today. I’m open about a lot with the kids. They understand so much. When it comes to H, I told them that we stopped being in love and that’s why I’ve been sad at home. During the walk Sally said ”Mommy, you were sad before but now you’re happy as usual. But you can be sad again if you want to.”

Wonderful child.

When we got home Michaela came over for a playdate with her kids and snacks for three hours. I was a bit worried that Michaela and I wouldn’t see each other often now that we’re not neighbours but so far we’re hanging out as usual. I’m grateful for it! She’s one of my closest friends. And the kids play really nicely together. Gustav is Gillis best friend and Andrea is Sally’s. Cute.

It’s almost time for dinner and then we’re going to watch a movie on the sofa with popcorn and gingerbread again. Yesterday all three of us fell asleep to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Christmas holidays!

Are you enjoying yourselves? 

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