Christmas Party

The last budget meeting is finished, goal for Löwengrip  2019 will be 120 million. An enormous sum but we want to grow 50% each year. I’m almost off for a lunch meeting with a talented AI entrepreneur.  Then I’m going to meet Sheila and get some hugs. We had half an hour spare in the middle of the day. After that I have a dentist appointment (I’ve put it off for months), more meetings and tonight the whole company group are having a Christmas Party. I think some of the colleagues are planning a surprise, they’ve been whispering at the office a lot. I’m going to hold a Christmas speech with Pingis and I’m just as nervous as always. Talking in front of people or on live TV is easy peasy but when I’m working and talking in front of people privately I get nervous. I was the most nervous when I was giving a speech at Sheila and Rasmus’ wedding, also at Michaela and Daniel’s. Uh! But maybe it’s healthy to get nervous now and again. It means I’m not on autopilot.


My eyes reveal my mood.

I’ll talk to you later! Big hugs!


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