Didn’t Reach The Goals

My motivation for exercise isn’t the best right now but I’m trying to go to sessions every other day to keep my routines. I’ve realised I won’t reach my exercise goal which to deadlift 100kg and 60kg squats. I did reach 40kg in bench press
These three chaos weeks without weight lifting with Pontus, the correct diet and grief wasn’t good for me but sometimes that happens. I’m actually pretty bummed out about it. I’m a competitive person by nature. By I’ll statt again in January.

Today is a varied day. I’ve got an exercise photo shoot and a long board meeting. This is the last work week of the year so I’ll give my all for all companies. If you want to meet me this week and shop beauty presents I’ll be in our Löwengrip shop at Gallerian (one floor up) at 12 on Wednesday. It’ll be fun!

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