Christmas Plans

I went home after my board meeting today (last one of the year!). Around 6 Justina came over to my house for a manicure and pedicure. She comes over every other Monday at home. So nice. I chose a lovely red shade, it had a bit of shine to it which I’ve been hooked on lately. After we were done I made a simple dinner and sat down with some work by the fireplace. The kids are with Odd this week and it’s been unusual because it’s so quiet but today I felt like it was nice to be alone. Every other week-life has its perks.

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Odd and I have been planning Christmas. Holidays are really important to him but not for me so we’ve decided the kids will be with him for Christmas eve and I’ll be there all day and evening (can you believe we managed to celebrate together! I’m so grateful!) The kids would have come with me in the evening but my ex-husband wished for the kids to stay overnight so that’s what’s going to happy. I don’t mind being alone on Christmas Eve or go to bed alone. I’m actually looking forward to coming home around 7-8PM, have a long bath, get into a pyjamas and by the fire, play christmas music, eat pralines and read. I have the kids after Christmas and the first week of January which feels cosy. Several days together. I’ll be celebrating New Years in Gstaad, looking forward to sun and skiing!

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