Today’s highlight was when my friends came over to visit. All three of us have had a tough Fall season so we talked a lot about how we are looking forwad to the new year. Honestly, I just want the weekends to go quickly so I can return to work in January. Starting over. I’m so used to always being happy and positive but I’ve been so sad and it feels like wasted dark days. Michaela said wisely that these depressed days are really important for me if I’m going to move on. I guess it is. But I’m sorry for boring posts in the meanwhile. My creativity is gone.

Lunch with a view.

Five kids who ate pancakes and then played for three hours while Martina, Michaela and I sat by the fire. When they left I felt grateful for my friends. It’s really been made clear these past weeks how much they mean to me. Sheila, Linus, Michaela, Martina and Isolina. And my colleagues of course. They are my second family.

Now I’m going to prepare the last work week

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