This Year’s Presents

I’ve been looking forward to Friday all week, it’s not usually like that but I’m looking forward to my first quiet weekend ever in the house with the kids. We don’t have man plans, we’re going to a birthday party tomorrow and then some frineds are coming over for lunch on Sunday. The kids are getting a haircut (hairdressers at home on Sunday, so much easier) and then I’m going to exercise. I feel a bit like a cliché but I just want to watch Sex and the City or the Holiday, cry and have chocolate in my bed when the kids are asleep.

Grieve in peace.

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 Our clothes are from GANT (my jumper here, Sally’s jumper here and shirt here)

We might do a bit of baking as well, Odd reminded me of the Blondie he always made for me. A chocolate fudge cake made with white chocolate, absolutely divine. Then Lovisa talked about making gingerbread houses together and that’s always fun.


The kids presents are ready! Ida has helped me with their presents for a year and a half. Birthdays, Christmas Eve and kids parties. I know many of you think it’s crazy that I don’t decide on their presents but I partly don’t have time and I don’t think it’s a lot of fun.


They usually get five presents each. Sally is getting a make-up doll, a dog, a bit of crafts and clothes she loves.


Gillis is obsessed with dinosaurs so he will get that. You can find all the kids’ presents that Ida ordered online here on my wishlist (adlink)

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My skirt is also from Gant (adlink)

I’m going to pick up the kids now and then it’s finally weekend!

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