Solving Beauty Problems

This is what a text message conversation can look like with Hannah. We’re the ones developing products with the chemists.


We’re developing a Day Mask for the face. So a mask that works properly with a lot of moisture and shine but also contains correcting pigment to even out the skin. An easy kind of day cream but a lot more effective. Perfect for days when you don’t want to do makeup but still have a nice and moisturised skin. When I thought about developing the mask I thought about when I had acne as a teenager and was going to sleep over at a boy’s house but didn’t want to take off my make up. I would have needed something like this, a day mask that gives you and even colour and is nurturing.


Foto: Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

It’s incredible! Like satin on the skin. It’s a special kind of joy when we’ve succeeded with a product after many attempts.

Now I have a full day of meetings!

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