Budget and NetJets

Because I have the kids this week I’m getting a lot of office time and less travelling around. It’ll be a good change. My day has also been mixed, lunch with Netjets who flew to Stockholm again to meet my team for a second meeting. It’s almost time for a budget meeting with Löwengrip Beautys 2019. Can I admit that I find budget meetings horrible boring…?

Executive board roles, organisation and budget work is what I think is the least fun with running a company. I like being more creative, thinking outside the box, PR, marketing and give oxygen to all companies instead. Strategy is also a lot of fun but it’s the visionary I like the most, following and reporting isn’t much fun.

I’m at my best when I get to kickstart something when the timing is right and pass it on. For example, the shoe brand Flattered. We founded it a few years ago, I was there from the started, did the marketing, opened doors for sales and expanded the brand knowledge but I stopped being active pretty quickly to do other things. It’s been going for a while and taken in capital from Spiltan worth ca 45 million, I’ve also sold a few shares. The same journey is awaiting Hermine Hold and it’ll be fun to follow.

The pros of having been an entrepreneur for 12 years is that I can decide to decline 90% of all the boring things and do what I think is the most rewarding. That means I also get a to keep my energy.

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I’m going to sit down with the gang and listen while we go through the budget, the trick is to stand up. It makes it easier to focus .. 🙂

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