Pop Up NYC

Partnered with Löwengrip

Today has gone so well! We started with breakfast for 20 influencers at Spring Place which was organised by Babba Canaled company By Babba. Aftonbladet flew over to NYC for an interview. Around 12-14 we had a pop up brunch for Löwengrip where you could purchase all our products. I was so touched, 93 Swedish women (!) came to support us. You’re so amazing! We hugged and I got to hear so many lovely things. I went from struggling with smiling in the morning to feeling strong and present at lunch. I can’t believe I have so many wonderful readers who visited our NYC event.

I am so grateful.

Shirt Stylein, skirt Mango and bag Chanel



Martina Bonnier, Malin Eklund and Elin Renck plus baby came to visit!

Fantastic Babba!


A big THANK YOU to everyone who came! ❤️

If you want to buy the  Löwengrip-products in the USA you can find us on Amazon!

Partnered with Löwengrip

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