My Fantastic Team

It’s a lot more fun to travel when I have Emelie and Sascha with me all the time. Emelie does mine and Pingis’ make up every morning and Sascha helps me with clothes and documents everything for my channels. Pingis and I usually live together and Emelie and Sascha live together. They’re job is special because they get to follow me across the world but we’ve been welded together. They know I work (with my oddities) and we can be ourselves, otherwise nobody would be able to work so closely together.

I have an intense day ahead for Löwengrip. Around 9AM I have a breakfast for media/influencers and then a pop up brunch for Löwengrip (all products will be available to buy). Tonight I have an event with Chanel Beauty and dinner with Isolina. All my colleagues are flying home today and Isolina is checking into my room so we can have a cousin-weekend together. Cosy.

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