Suit Up

It’s Wednesday and a new day over here! My mood is up and down. Pingis and I started with meeting another PR bureau for breakfast at the hotel. We meet a lot to compare. We’re in a car on our way to another retailer now for a few hours of an update meeting and lunch. True are responsible for Löwengrip over here, they purchase stock and manage everything with Amazon and buying from retailers. But I know from previous experiences it’s always better to be present as a CEO at these meetings.

A lot of you wished that we wouldn’t fly here so often but that’s not possible to establish yourself physically on the market without being here in person. That’s why Pingis has been a lot in Australia and we’re going back in February

The goal here in NYC is to create a strong online shop. Sephora, Blue Mercury and our own store. But it’s a long way there. But working uphill is a lot of fun for an entrepreneur. We could have settled with today’s 3000 pharmacies and retailers, because it’s fantastic but we want to grow here and our goal is expanding by 50% every year.

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I’ll talk to you later!

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