My Own Safety-Net

Delayed flight but that’s okay. I’m writing from my chair with the Love Actually soundtrack in my ears. I’ve realized I haven’t spent a second alone since Wednesday neart two weeks ago. Security company, employees and friends. I’m so grateful to have a team helping me get back on my feet. If could choose, I’d have said I want to be alone but nobody listened to that. I’m really grateful for that.


Even though I landed with the kids yesterday I’m happy to be away again. I’ll have more freedom in NYC and I can finally work. I have meetings every day and on Thursday we have an event with Löwengrip and Amazon. My colleagues are flying home on Thursday but I’m staying for the week. It’ll lovely. My plan is to be in NYC one week per month so Löwengrip has a chance to become established here. I’m looking forward to that.

Todya’s outfit. Knitted jumper from Stylein. Skirt from Ralph Lauren. Heels from Stinaa J. I did a live stream from VIP for 50 minutes, talked about everything. It’ll be available for a while

Pingis and I have a lot of work to go through on the flight and I’m going to watch the movie Crazy Rich Asian. Speaking of flight and old routines to have champagne, I haven’t had a single drop since August 27th. As it looks like now I won’t go back to alcohol at all. It feels liberating.

Big hugs, guys!

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