10 Hectic Days

Saturday today. A week ago I was in the blue hall and received an award for our company Nordic Tech House. I actually wanted to eat something calming and sleep the day away but I’ve always been fighting and get back up on my feet. Nobody knew then and there what chaos i was living.

Ten days ago, in the middle of Wednesday when all of Löwengrip had a content day at home, a man knocked on the door and looked for H. I did’t understand what everything was about but Magnus who was at home (luckilly), searched for the registration number and everything came up. I phoned H and he told me that he owed someone money but I felt that something wasn’t right. I finally got to see the debt letters H signed and then it became clear who he’d made business with. I don’t know what shocked me the most. The sum or the people.

I contacted the police but couldn’t report anything because it’s not illegal to knock on someone’s door. But everything was logged and I sent over a picture of the person at my door, registration number and the debt letters between them and H. Their recommendation was to publicly announce that H and I were over. Otherwise the threat could turn to myself and move me. The police visited Elfvik a few times over the coming days to show themselves. H could also contact them for protection.

My bodyguard wanted me to sleep elsewhere because one of the debt letters had expired and they’d been visiting my house. But I was in shock and wanted to stay home. Pingis, David (Pingis boyfriend) and Linus came over as support in the evening and I had protection at night.

On Thursday morning I had to announce that H and broke up. During the day I went to the office to tell my colleagues about the situation and meet my therapist. In the middle of the chaos my stalker showed up at the office despite the restraining order but I was feeling so low I couldn’t deal with it. It was a comparatively small problem
On the evening Project Playground hosted a dinner. I’d love to support this organisation. I also needed something to do. Princess Sofia, who has become my friend this past year, saw immediately that I wasn’t feeling good. She the kind of friend who picks up everything. I carried on and went home early around 11PM and when my bodyguard and I arrived at my house we saw two cars parked strangely, one by the crossroads to my street and the other by the woods. There were people in the cars so we drove closer to get the registration numbers and Magnus drove towards Elfviks manor. We saw the cars were registered in the same area as the man who knocked on my door so Magnus decided to check us into a hotel. That moment was so scary. Men by my house at midnight, probably waiting for H. When we got more information we found out that those people had preciously been done for kidnapping. Awful.
Afterwards I haven’t lived at home.

On the following morning (Friday), we had a big international press lunch for Löwengrip’s new glow-range. I couldn’t cancel it because people had flown in so we secured the house with more guards and I went back int he morning. I don’t know how I got through it. I cried while Emelie helped me get ready and then I managed to collect myself, go downstairs and talk to journalists and gave interviews as normal but with a few breaks.

Yesterday (last of November) the debt letters expired. It’s massive sums and incredible rates. We’re talking nearly one million per month. We haven’t been able to know that everything would escalate after more loans expired, my security company decided that the kids and I would have to go away. Odd has also been sleeping elsewhere. I don’t have anything to do with H’s debts but we didn’t know how this gang would act. We still don’t which makes everything difficult. H probably isn’t in Sweden anymore but we think he’s trying to solve the debt.

H has put himself in a tragic situation but I can’t feel sorry for him after all the lies. The enormous loans were transferred to him on the 20th of august according to the debt letters. We got back together again and I think my name made it possible for him to borrow those huge sums.

I don’t know what the following weeks will look like. I hope he’ll find a way to pay back the money because these people don’t give up.

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Our day with the kids over here. I love them so much. I’m so sad for what I’ve put them through and I hope they won’t remember anything. I haven’t said anything other than taking extra vacation and that Magnus and Ida came with us.

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