Lots of Hotel Time

The kids and I are doing pretty well despite everything. I’m trying to look at it like an extra vacation together and make the most of our days together. Ida was travelling with us for the first few days which I’m grateful for, I struggled to get out of bed then. But now it’s us and a bodyguard and that works too. Gillis and sally think we have our own ”police” with us on the journey if thieves appear. They’ll have to believe that for now.

Odd and I are communicating well. I was so afraid he’d be angry with me, which is still understandable in some way. A stalker at home and then this. But he’s been calm and very supportive. He’s also had to move during the threat. Horrible.

The kids and I watch Moana over and over again. There’s a lot of hotel time for us but the staff are so lovely, buy toys and entertain us. The ays are really surreal. I try to do work calls now and again and try to get everything to be normal. I am in NYC next week with a lot of meetings and I can’t wait. Working makes me feel good.

If you live in NYC please come by Löwengrip’s event on Thursday. I need all the energy I can get to have a fun brunch together! I can’t forget myself for all future, he needs to do that and not me. But I’ll be living with security around me for a long time ahead.


  1. Pia skriver:

    Hi Isabella,

    Sending you lots of strength during this difficult time!

    I’m wondering if I have to sign up for the event in New York on Thursday?


  2. Anna skriver:


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