We’re Seeking A Chef

I love our days in the house. Löwengrip Invest try to have a half day per week at home to work in peace but also produce content for all partnerships. Today we could light the fire so it was extra cosy to be in the house.

There’s a saying that goes ”Behind every successful man there’s a woman”. In my case I have a whole gang of incredible women who make everything go around in my life. Two of them are missing on the photo but here are four of them.


Team photo from today. Charlotte, Emelie, Ida and Sascha – You are fantastic.

…Ida and Lovisa manage everything at home. Lovisa does the cleaning and Ida is responsible for everything that deals wth my private life and the house. There’s a bit of a circus with kids, my job, activities, beauty, filling the fridge, all interior design, building the swimming pool, everyones cars and security. Just this friday we have a press lunch at home for 20 journalists from all over the Nordic. Right now Ida is looking for chef for myself and the kids. If you’re interested you can email her at Ida@lowengripinvest.se. We’re looking for someone who can be at home during dinner time Monday-Friday on my weeks with the kids and sometimes during dinners with work/friends at home. We eat healthy and vegetarian food (sometimes fish for Sally and I) but you are also welcome to make health deserts 🙂

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