My Clone Gabrielle

Today Löwengrip are launching a PM where we will tell everyone we are building a robot influencer.

Löwengrip isn’t a typical beauty company. We’re a beauty-tech company and our strength is in our digital expertise. That’s how we grow. The problem is I am the company’s face outwards and we need more contenr than we can create today. We’re also expanding globally and we’re established in several markets in a short space of time. I want to but can’t be everywhere at once. Especially not as a mom to two young children. That’s why we’re building clones of myself in social media and we’re starting with one:

Gabrielle Löwengrip.

We’re doing it to reach the local market which is where we want to establish ourselves but also to create the kind of content I don’t have time for myself. Gabriell wil come to life in December, lives in New York and loves beauty. The followers will get a look into her life where she dates, hangs out with friends, works, tried out new brunch places, exercises ahead of New York Marathon, decorates her home and buries herself in all things beauty.

I see an extremely bright future for influencer robots. I’m guessing that within a year or so won’t really care if you’re following a real person on social media. The important thing is being inspired and that might as well be from an animated person. It’s like in the movies – not necessarily real but an entertaining source of inspiration.


Gabrielle will be brought to life in December and you can find her instagram here!

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