Last football practice and a competitive family

Sunday! Gillis had his last football practice (trix football) this morning so myself, Sally and Odd were all there watching. They haven’t let us into the football hall during term time so it was really exciting to see what they’ve been practising during the fall season. Oh my god, you get so touched when you see your child feeling proud and showing something off. Gillis looked so big, can you imagine that he’s turning five tomorrow. Five years old is so huge!


Both of my kids are really competitive (we clock everything you can clock), which isn’t so weird when you have a dad who has been a competitive swimmer through his childhood and I compete in everything (mostly against myself) here is a picture from when Pingis and I won ”This Years Female Super Star” I stood up and shouted YEES….

Being humble isn’t my strong side 🙂


A more normal picture of us. Both wearing Styelin.

When the kids and I got back from football I went to exercise while they had lunch. We’re almost off to a play centre where Gillis is having a birthday party for all his friends. We really needed a fun Sunday after everything.

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