New Checkpoint In Life

I talked to mom today who told me that she also got migraine attacks after moving. A lot of you guys also get them. It must be because it takes a lot from your soul to move houses, a lot is in play. For my own part,it was about what I wrote in my last point. A new check point in life. And after a check point you can relax a bit. I have been extremely tired today and will probably be all week. I always get tired when there’s a new chapter in my life because it took a lot for me to close the last one. But you can’t move forward without feeling tired. It’s part of the process. Now I have a few quiet weeks ahead to let my soul rest and catch up.

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Cuddles in my big bed before bedtime, we watched SVT:s Biss and Kajs.

Someone asked if I bought the house privately or with the company. Of course I purchased it privately. I’m not even taking money off for an office because that room doesn’t have a private entrance. I’ve asked the account to be extra harsh with me on what I take off because media would love those headlines. I’ve been a little extra strict for the tax company, I have to tax all gifts even those I get and choose to give away to friends. We always send back gifts we decide to not get benefit taxation from. My social media channels have a turn over of almost 2 million kronor a month so to not tax small amounts is just dumb.

By the way, I don’t know if you remember from before (for many years) I had an income of 500, 000 kronor per month from the blog. Isn’t it awesome to see how we can increase the income to 1.5 – 2 million per month instead? We’ve worked so hard on it. When we left United Influencers we had zero kronor but instead of just laying down flat, we decreased all expenditures, asked the bank for a check credit for half a million and could then invest in employees. Löwengrip Invest could have become bankrupt but we turned things around. Completely. Simon did a fantastic job. We’re not making the same profit because I’ve hired more employees. But I’m proud over the fact that my channels gives people jobs and that I’ve been able to buy this amazing house after 13 years with the blog.

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