200 kilo goal & a soul trip to Marbella

I started my morning at 6.30 by ordering breakfast to the room. Hotel Diplomat has a really delicious overnight oat and a spirulina-smoothie. I checked out at 7.30AM and walked to Sturebadet where I exercised for an hour.

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Today I did 5×47 kg squats and 5×35 kilo bench press. It’s such a lovely feeling to lift heavy weights. My goal for Christmas is to lift 200 kilo in total. 100 dead lift ans 60 in squats and 40 in bench press. I’ll get there in no time!

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After my exercising I changed to new exercise clothes and met up Sheila to go to Arlanda. We have a weekend in Marbella ahead. Sheila and I make sure we have two BFF weekends together every year. We’ve been to NYC, Barcelona, Cervinia (the alps) and London together. I’m not bringing any makeup or heels and barely any regular clothes. Just exercise clothes, comfy clothes and lots of facemasks. We’re going to do yoga, go on walks, talk, go to SPA:s, sleep s
and read. We’ll be staying in my regular villa at Marbella club.

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