Memories from Malmö, after-parties and secret visits to Lund

…Hi from Malmö! I have so many memories from this town. When I was 20 I travelled around to sign my debut book Egoboost. I was here a few times because my friend Linus was studying in Lund so we always went to parties afterwards. We had messy after parties at my hotel room until late in the night. I got up early in the morning to sign book and lecture. I could never do that today, alcohol and little sleep. Now it’s always room service, face mask, answer emails and a book.

And then I have lovely memories from when I first started dating Hampus nearly 1,5 years ago. He lived in Lund and I flew there in the summer. I was so nervous first time I went to visit him and meet his parents. We travelled a bit outside of Lund in a cosy house, I was being introduced as a girlfriend and then in every newspaper they were writing about my divorce. I also had two kids! Hampus is my age, what was his parents going to think?

But it was a lovely weekend in Lund. Breakfast at Café Love, lunch at Skissernas, dinner and Mat coh Destillat, pralines at Ahlgren’s and long walks in all parks. I saw how people looked at us curiously bu it was summer and because Lund is a student city it was pretty quiet. I could still stay pquite anonymous.

I decided to take a break after the summer because things were going too quickly and that’s been repeated a few times (which isn’t so weird when you’ve been married for a few years) but now we’re incredibly in love. There’s no pressure and we both like that. We have a date night tomorrow I’m looking forward to. But I went to visit his office to kiss him after I was in town with Sascha. It’s such a luxury to have our offices nearby.

I’m going to rad and go to bed. My alarm is set for 05.45. Long days this week. Nu ska jag läsa och sedan sova. Klockan är ställd på 05.45. Långa dagar denna vecka.

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