Gant Talk in Malmö

Oh my god, I need to tell you something. Around 11.30AM I thought I could hear scary things iin my room. It didn’t stop so I texted Simon and asked if he could sleep in my room. Not so professional as a boss but he lived next door and we know each other well. He was awake and walked over to my room in the middle of the night wearing a bathrobe and took the other side of the double bed. He’s so wonderful. I do’t believe in ghosts bu there was something strange in the air in my room in Mayfair.


Around 8AM this morning we were at Malmö Arts Hall to talk at Gant Talks. It’s Gant talks own version of Ted Talk. It comes from the University environment in the USA so their slogan ”Never Stop Learning” fits the brand perfectly. Both Simon and I were invited to talk together, so much fun!

My favourite shirt!



Shaking hands with 150 people

Our clothes are of course from Gant, you can find my shirt här, jeans here and the scarf here. I almost only use Gant’s white shirts, they’re perfect in my job. I’m not really a jeans girl but I like these ones.

We’re talked about the company journey and how to maintain the energy!



A big thank you to everyone who showed up so early in the morning to listen to us!NExt Gant Talk is in Stockholm, to book a place and become a member of Gat you can click here.

After Gant we visited Kicks in the Hansa Mall (wow what a beautiful stor!) and had a training session about Löwengrip. The staff is amazing! Afterwards my team and I had lunch at Swedish-Korea Namu. We’re just about to fly back, we’re landing just before four o’clock. Then I’m going to block things off with my colleagues. Tomorrow I’m going to Marbella with my best friend.

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