Content All Mornings All Year

I was supposed exercise at Barry’s with the Fitness Collection this morning but I fell asleep really lite. I got picked up at the airport by Magnus, my bodyguard, around midnight. I fell asleep in his car and had trouble falling asleep at the hotel. I finally crashed at 2AM and chose to keep sleeping when my alarm wet off at 6.45. Sleep needs to be a priority.

My team around home at 9AM and we’ve been filming all day until 2PM. We made a campaig for Dyso (how I LOVE their airwrap) and Nextstory. My kids and I use Nextstory for reading all the time so it’s fun to work with them. Right now I’m reading Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Life Rules. A very controversial but exciting book.

This morning I used Löwengrip’s Silver Hair mask. It’s incredible what a shine the hair mask gives you. It’s my favourite product.


Lunch break.

Because I’m producing content every morning all yar around I have my own team I always work with. Pontus or Joseph is filming and then Sasha or Martin are photographes. And Emelie is always preset. It feels safe!

I’m doing some office hours today before flying to Malmö tonight.

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