My alarm went off really early this morning so I went up and took a shower. Emelie arrived at my hotel room by half past five and got me ready. When you’re travelling a lot during the year, Arlanda VIP makes everything comfortable because you don’t have to deal with the big security control with all the people. For me, Arlanda VIP is just one step closer to flying privately from Bromma but there’s another few months before I can do that.

Breakfast this morning! It’s been a while since I ate caviar, I’d forgotten how delicious it is.

Today, we have a full day in Machester. I’m flyin with Emelie who is my MUA, Lukas who is responsible forour Online Shop but also our website with all retailers, Dinah who is our esthetician and Julia who is in charge of our content at Löwengrip. We’re going to visit our retailer Beauty Bay for training about Löwengrip and produce content for their website and channels. It’ll be a lot of fun. We’re there all day and we’re back home around midnight.

Have a good Tuesday, hugs!

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