A Day In the UK

Phew! I’m so tired! I’ve been working for 15 hours and I can feel it in my feet. We’re done for the day now, here in Manchester and we’re on our way home. We’ll be landing around midnight. We’ve had a successful day with Beauty Bay in any case. Training for the staff about Löwengrip, strategy meeting and content for their instagram (700 000 followers)












Fantastic Dinah! She’s been with us almost from the start. She worked as an esthetician with Yasuragi first, started her own business and then began working for us. Today she is responsible for all training session. When she started she found it hard talking in front of people but today she held a training session in English for two hours. She’s so awesome!


With our new overnight hairmask!


When we were done we had a few hours to spare so we had dinner, visited their shopping centre and ate food at an Italian restaurant. A good end to the day.

I had a text message from a friend who wrote ”OMG, you’re going to the UK to see a big retailer for Löwengrip with four employees, how big isn’t that?!” Our company journey has gone so quickly I sometimes forget to take a moment and realise what’s happening. We’re actually launching with MYER in Australia in about a week (Pingis is there now). Everything is happening now. It’s the ketchup -effect! Go us!


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