The Last Night

…The flight back to Stockholm went really well, both kids fell asleep on me for two hours. I read in the meanwhile. Win win!

I managed to read two books in the sun this week. I usually read two books per week. Reading is just as important to me as exercise. Without it, I’m not in balance. This week I read two Swedish biographies.

I can recommend both books! It was extremely fun reading Persbradt’s book because he talks about Jakobsberg a lot. Mom and dad grew up there so it felt a bit like home to read about Persbrandt’s childhood. I lived at Sångvägen and Birgittavägen during my first few years. And then by the Maria-church. He names these streets a lot in the book.  My grandmother still lives by the commuter-train station and my randfather lived up on Söderhöjden but he’s not alive aymore. I remember so clearly how I took the bus from Skälby a few years ago (where my mom moved when dad moved into the city) to go shopping in Jakobsberg’s Centre with a friend. I might have been 11-12 years old? I bought my first bra at Kappahl in ”Jakan” It was light-yellow.

When we got back home Hayley took care of the kids and I went to exercise. I haven’t exercised all week and I could feel my body itching. I did a spin-cycle class today, it was so nice.



When I got back 1,5 later the kids were building lego. We’re going through a Ninjago phase at home. The kids had already had dinner and were munching on popcorn.


Oven-roased vegetables and tofu! We talked about it’s the last night in the house! Tomorrow the kids are going to O and on Sunday I’m moving. I’ll be travelling in the meanwhile (Manchester, Malmö och Marbella) so it’ll be my last night here too!

I remember how happy Odd and I were when we bought the house and started renovating! Our own house! It was a different life back then!


Goodbye house! I won’t miss you because I feel like I’m done but I’ll miss my neighbours! Selling the house will be the last part of closing the previous chapter! I’m starting a new phase in my dream home! It feels like Christmas!

When I get back from Marbella late Sunday evening, my body guard Magnus will pick me up and drive me to the house. It’ll be my first night there. My team are starting the move this week and want me ou of the way in the mean ime. Gaaaaaah! The joy! 🙂

Speaking of moving and journeys. It took me 28 years to move from the tall apartment blocks in a rough Stockholm suburb to buying my dream home on Lidingö, It’s a fast journey to make! Can you call it a class-trip even if I never finished High School? The word feels a bit stale even if it’s one really fast since dad drove around in the Ice-cream truck (the extra job I got to tag along on) until the daily life I’m living ow.

If I’m proud? It’s more like a feeling of breathing out, in relief.

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