Story of My Homes

This morning, I said goodbye to the green house on Klotmurklevägen. It’s actually such a weird name for a street. The kids and I walked around and said goodbye to each room. I’m so grateful I get help with the moving process. When I move into the new house on Sunday, everything will be ready. I can’t wait until I’m there, have a look around and crawl into bed. It feels so surreal to wake up there on Monday morning and then walk down to make a Nespresso!

I’ve had so many homes in my life, jumping around a lot. Can you manage all the addresses?

My first home Kammakargatan in Vasastan (14 years), then I lived with my first boyfriend Marcel at Engelbrektsgatan on Östermalm (I was 15 years old) with his mom until we broke up. After that I shared a one bedroom apartment on Gjutargatan with a friend (I was 16), and then I moved in with Nils who lived in a student apartment by Lappkärsberget (he was studying law). We had so many silver-fish there that we had a rule saying if we dropped something on the floor it immediately went into the wash. One time I saw one in the cutlery. Ugh.

We then found a sub-le two bedroom on De Geersgatan by Gärdet. We loved it there. We had many summer evenings at the top and enjoyed watching the sun set. After 6 months our contract ended and then we moved to another two bed on Oskarsvägen on Lidingö. We lived above a pizzeria and I told myself that each piece of clothing I owned smelled of pizza all the time.

When we broke up (the day before I turned 20) I wanted to live in the city again, so I bought my first apartment. A one bedroom on Roslagsgatan in Vasastan. I was so happy! While I was waiting to moved I lived in a sublet by Mosebacke on Södermalm for two months. On the 6th of december 2010 I put the keys i the door to my own apartment and it’s still one of the best days of my life. Owning my own partment felt so huge ad safe for me as I moved away from home early. For the first few weeks I just had a large carpet from Missoni. And my bedroom on the loft.

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Kappa 2NDDAY, blouse Zara, jeans Andiata, heels By Malene Birger and bag ATP

I moved away a year later. I had two stalkers who made me feel unsafe all the time and started CBT to handle the evets (one was watching me from the letter box regularly, a horrible fear and the other sent horrible letters). After that I bought a two bedroom on Riddargatan on Östermalm (21 years old). The housing society had more gates and cameras everywhere. I met Odd when I lived there we bought a three-bedroom apatment together on St Eriksgatan at Kungsholmen. That’s where we had Gillis and when I was expecting Sally we bought and duplex-apartment at Alströmergatan.
But with two toddlers we were looking forward to a villa. We wanted to live in a suburb closer to city centre (10 KM) and where you wouldn’t have to deal with queues. Lidingö was perfect and that’s where we are now.

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I’ve gone through a classic housing-career. I bought my first one bed fo 1,9 million. I took my share from my company and borrowed the rest. Then when I sold and bought a new place after 12-24 months I’ve made a profit. Half a million in profit of 12 months on Alströmergatan and 1,6 million profit on Alströmergatan. Our wooden house on Lidingö was bought for 8,7 and renovated and sold for 11 million. You have to get into the swing of it and have energy for the move.

The new house won’t gain a profit in the same way for a few years. But that’s not why I bought the house. I want to live there for a long time. We have a differet kind of economy now, worse state of the market and higher interest. You have to follow the state of the market. It’s a bit like being on a boat on the sea. That’s also how I invest, I go with society cyles. We’ve had an upward hill so I bought a better house and invested in a lot of start ups. Now we’re going down hill and I focus more on building value. During a low state of the market it’s important to save money when others don’t. That’s how you invest wisely and make better purchases.

Sorry…side track

My next dream purchase is on the French Rivera but that won’t happen for a few years yet. I love goals!

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