What I Think The Kids Will Work With

Last day! We’ve been at the poolside in the morning, packed for going back home and went to Armani Hotel for dinner (Amal) and show the kids the fountain show

I don’t have a great picture but I’ve finally managed to style my own hair. Usually I book blow drying on my trips but I got Dysons new hair product Airwrao (I’ll show you a picture later) and five minutes later the hair looked as if it was styled. I an so impressed! It looks like a curling iron and it blows the hair and then it’s done. I look forward to practicing with the curling iron and getting the look Emelie does every moning.



I can really feel in my heart how life has changed. I’m here with Hampus and not the kids’ dad. It doesn’t hurt but I’m reminded of a different chapter in my life. Bringing Hampus into the kids’ life has been a big decision but we’ve taken it together and on the kids” pace. The kids have seen him now and again during a year. The journey has gone really well and that makes me happy. One of the kids said ”You are like a baby-sitting dad even though you live in the city.”

A drink at Armani Hotel. More like the kind of hotels we like. Next time! On the picture you can see Gillis ordering more juice. They’ve gotten so good at English! I’m strict about ordering things they want to eat /drink on their own. If there’s a word they don’t know I’ll help. They also have to say hello to the staff at the hotel and say thank you. I think it’s important to see people.

My little daughter. 3,5 years old and a miki version of myself. If I could guess what careers the kids will have in the future (I’m probably wrong) I think Sally will take over Löwengrip, generation 2. She’s already indoctrinated into the fashion world. I am so impressed by her level of negotiation and drive for being 3.5 years old. I see a lot of myself in her. I could talk over anyone as a kid. Gillis is more like an engineer. It’s a lot of fun to watch him programme on a child’s level and build lego robots he controls with his ipad. I can see him as a nordic tech house colleague. Everything is so natural for him. He’s good at languages. When I ask Gillis what he wants to do in the future he tells me he wants to build robots. I definitely think he’ll be building things. I want to support him in learning not only normal languages but also computer languages (binary code for the letter A is 0100 0001). It’s fun for me too. Gillis learns faster than I do.

I need to sleep now though, we’re flying back tomorrow!

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