Restless mom

Hello to you! There’s not much to say about our Friday in Dubai. We went swimming and hung around. But our status is; a VERY well rested mom, two happy children and a Hampus who is probably a little tired after so many days with us. We often see eachother occasionally, have dinner together or spend a Saturday doing something fun the whole gang. To spend time with the children is quite intensive. He hasn’t said anything yet, but I see that it’s a little more demanding than usual he he.

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Scarf Hermes, shirt from Ralph Lauren and bathing suit Ia Bon

From my point of view, I’m a little restless here in the sun. I have a higher pace than my children, so I make an effort to slow down. They like to bathe, play something quietly with each other, or play intellectual games (how would different animals look if you mix them, for example a spider with a cat, who knows how to say hello in most languages, ​​or you try to name everything you know that’s yellow – the harvest of the evening), though I would love to run around and play but they don’t. Sometimes I get an urge that I want to call all parents (even on airplanes) to ”leave your children to me, I have too much energy, so you get to rest.”

In fact, I would need to go running to get rid of the extra energy but I haven’t prioritized it. May take a few laps tomorrow.

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Foto: Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

Foto: Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

The hotel (Anantara) is huge! It’s an OK hotel but not a super hotel despite the five stars. I love our villa on the water, perfect size for us four and the kids love to be ”at home”. Some may think it’s scary with water around, but my children are not the climbing ones and they would never even try (but of course we have them under supervision). The hotel itself, however, is not as luxurious as I’m used to. Not so fresh pool areas and quite dreary surroundings. In addition, the service is not very good. But the kids are happy (they love the buggies driving us everywhere) and I’m super in love with Hampus so we could have been anywhere 🙂

Next weekend I’m at the Marbella Club, it’s my absolute favorite hotel!

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