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We are moving to the new house next week. It’s gone so quickly since I bought the house and it’ll be fantastic to finally move. Gillis and Sall are as excited as I am. There’s a few different things you need to think about when you move. One of those is changing your address. Other than notifying change of address, the Swedish Address Change office have two clever services I’ve been using in our move. The first one is making sure your post from the old address gets redirected to the new address. They send everthing from the day you move and that way you won’t miss out on important bills ad other payment you might get through the post. They also tell all companies and post-offices that you’ve changed address. You will be saving a bit of money especially if you consider the bills you might have missed. You can also redirect your post even if you aren’t moving permanently. If you have a summerhouse where you spend the summer holiday you can get your post sent to that address. Very smooth. You can read more about re-directing your post here.

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Another clever service I hadn’t heard about before isAddress-lock. That means you lock your personal identity number by using BankID. The address lock stops someone other than yourself from ordering the re-direction of post, change of address or stock up on your post. If something like that happens you get an email and a text noification. Because ID hacking is more common a service like this makes it more difficult for those trying to steal your identity. It’s also handy that via BankID you don’t get physical letter you have to fill in and send back. It doesn’t cost anything at all and if I’ve learned anything it’s that it’s always worth investing in your safety.


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Swedish Address Change have also created a check list for those of us moving so you don’t miss anything important. You can view the list here!

Partnered With Svensk Adressändring

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