We’re off to Dubay today! Odd dropped off the kids here this morning. My team at home have been helping me sort out the packing, breakfast and lunch for everone. I can’t do that with my ADHD. We’re leaving for the airport soon. The kids have their own suitcases and they’re so proud of them. They’ve been practicing dragging them around all mornig. My only worry is Sally’s passport. She’s 6 months old on it, so there’s a risk for a bit of trouble. It’s valid and she looks like herself but the question is if the staff at Dubai’s airport will agree. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.



The kids’ suitcases are from Jollyroom

I’m lookin forward to going away. The stalker was here again yesterday so I want to escape. I’ll be back on the blog tomorow but in the meanwhile you can check out my instastory. Hugs!

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