Halloween 2018 Part 2

Partnered with Törnell & Bar, DJ Patrick Leksell, Uber & Fotograf Rikard Landrin

Here are some more photos:




And a few guests…


My sister and her boyfriend came dressed up Grease:

We had a free bar during the evening which really made the night. We chose to hire Törnell & Bar again. Together we created five cocktails the guests could choose from. Classic Whiskey sour but also other sour and fresh. Törnell & Bar have a fantastic service where you can order ice they created art from. I love small details that make the evening feel a bit more special. We also offered alcohol free alteratives. I drank virgin mary’s all evening but not too many, as I couldn’t pee because of my outfit. I had to hold on for six hours!

Our DJ for the evening was Patrik Leksell, he played fantastic music (famous DJ who plays at all of Stockholm’s big nightclubs. He played a wonderful mix of music everyoe knew which I love. Hiring a DJ brings the atmosphere of the party to the next leve.



Our photographer was Rikard Landrin. He was so talented! We also had two sharingboxes (photo booths) which were a success!

Most of the guests got on the bus home around 1AM. Those of us staying overight at the castle had an afterparty until 3am. It was so cosy when I was going to bed and had to tiptoe past my little sister ad her boyfriend who slept in the room next to ours (you had to pass through to get to ou room). It’s a lot of fun having a sister who has turned 18! After ejoying a cosy breakfast together on Sunday we were picked up by wonderful Uber carsr to bring us home safely.

What a Halloween party!

Partnered with Törnell & Bar, DJ Patrick Leksell, Uber & Fotograf Rikard Landrin


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