He’s Free Again

I was so happy today. I was going to walk around town alone to celebrate that my stalker is imprisoned. Have a bit of a Friday-wander. But the we found out he was released and is around Sturegallerian (near the office) so I had to ask Magnus (bodyguard) to come to the office. How can you be arrested for assault, have a police warrant for stalking and still be released afterwards.

It’s awful.

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Oh well, I have to pull through to go between meetings. I’ve been listening to a company wanting to take in capital, participated in Breakit’s podcast, met two companies who flew to Sweden for a meeting with us. A gang from Denmark and a few frenchmen. A technical company and a privat airline, it’s finally time.

Img 0914.jpg

Today’s look. Shirt from New House. Skirt from Hugo Boss and coat from Andiata. I love my watch so much. I have a bit of office time now, and the signing this years book-keeping and block things off with the colleagues. I’m in Dubai next week.

I’m looking forward to a date night with Hampus and then my big Halloween party at Wenngarn Castle tomorrow. 150 dressed up guests, free bar, DJ and 16 of us are staying overnight at the casle. It’ll be so much fun!

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