He’s Been Arrested

I went to Hampus’ place yesterday after I’d finished working at home. I usuall do a bit of work in the evening but I decided to ignore the computer and have evening together. My workday started at 6.30 anyway. We ordered food from Nyko Kitchen (a really good vegan option) and we talked for a long time.

During the evening, we found out that my stalker has been arrested:

Img 0898.jpg

The actual capture had nothing to do with me but it was to do with assault of another person. So horrible. I hope the police will keep him imprisoned from now on. I didn’t want to write abou it but he’s been around me every day lataely. He’s not right outside the door anymore but on the street and looking towards the house. He’ll stand there for a minute or so and then walk away. Both myself and my neighbours have been taking photos every time. I’ve been trying to live my life as usual even though I can see him outside the house. I always turn off the light when we head upstairs so he can’t see in through the window. I hope he will get a restraining order.

Anyway, I chose to exercise this morning. Nothing too heavy but focused on movement and stretching with my PT. My body was so stiff. I’m having a Friday at the office with all my colleagues. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Tonight, Hampus and I are going to dinner then the cinema. It’s so lovely with Friday.

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