Stemcells in the Future

 Partnered with Cellaviva 

I’ve told you about Cellaviva before, a company I’m part owner of because of Nordic Tech House. Those of you following me know I have a keen interest in health and that’s where I want to invest. New techniques and methods to keep us healthy and live longer is the most important thing.

Cellaviva is a really interesting company because their services are new in Sweden but they’ve existed in the rest of the world for a while. There’s a lot of stemcell research happening right now and are used to help cure more than 80 diseases. Thousands of stemcell studies using experimental methods are ongoing global and using your own stemcells will be the best methods because there’s a less chance for side effects. Treatment for Cerebral Palsy, autism, MS, Alzheimers, cancer, diabetes. I’m convinced that they’re right about the fact that having access to our own stemcells will have positive effects for us later in life. Long term, I think Cellaviva’s service will be used in many areas because stemcell research is progressing. I want to be a part of that journey

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Cellaviva’s big challenge lies in spreading the information. Giving birth is a unique opportunity to save stemcells, and expecting parents are susceptible to information about family saving during a few months of the pregnancy. Because stemcell saving is such a new thing, it can be seen as complicated but that’s a misunderstanding. Other than the technical part of the research done by NTH, it’s important to meet future customers. They’ll be participating at Sweden’s largest children’s fair:
UnderBARA BARN. Keep an eye out on my instastory, a few people will be able to try the service for free

Partnered With Cellaviva 

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