Dubai On Monday

I landed at Arlanda Airport a short while ago. My bodyguard, Magnus, picked me up and we left the airpot and then went home. In the hallway at home, I was greeted by this.

Photo: Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

…the kids’ suitcases, all packed and ready to leave for Dubai on Monday! Having help at home is so wonderful. The kids are with Odd until Monday morning but we’re flying to Dubai in the afternoon. It’ll be the kids, myself and Hampus going and it’s the first trip with both Hampus and the kids. We’re only staying until Sunday next week but it’ll be lovely with a few days of sun, play and swimming.

I’m going to make myself a snack, then do a bit of work and after that I’m going to visit Hampus. I’m sleeping there this weekend. It’s a bit of a luxury to hang out in the city at the weekends and then have a bit of a country-life here.

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